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n.1.Same as Cordelle.
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Artists appearing include Chilean musician Osvaldo Torres; Silvia Balducci with poet Alfredo Cordal presenting the music of Violeta Parra; and Chilean dance troupe Grupo Del Sur.
The fusion of childlike joviality with sardonic social commentary that arises from making street art from children's toys is reminiscent of the engaged art of London-based "miniature street sculpture" artists Slinkachu and Isaac Cordal.
By the time they reached the Category One climb of Alto del Cordal with around 25km remaining, Talansky and Champion had been swallowed up by the peloton, leaving Geschke alone out in front.
El volumen Rosalia 21, editado por Angueira, y quien colabora con un trabajo titulado "Algunhas visions de Rosalia de Castro" reune otros nueve ensayos entre los que destaco los de los poetas Xabier Cordal Fustes y Maria do Cebreiro.