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A satellite of Uranus.

[After Cordelia, , daughter of Lear in King Lear by William Shakespeare.]


(kɔrˈdil yə)

(in Shakespeare's King Lear) the youngest of Lear's three daughters and the only one who remains loyal to him.
References in classic literature ?
The joy of Beatrice was my joy, and the sorrows of Cordelia were mine also.
We have Laura and Beatrice, Antigone and Cordelia, but we have no heroic man.
She should have tried to imagine her name was Cordelia.
No-o-o, it's not exactly my name, but I would love to be called Cordelia.
Anne Shirley," reluctantly faltered forth the owner of that name, "but, oh, please do call me Cordelia.
Oh, I'm not ashamed of it," explained Anne, "only I like Cordelia better.
If you'll only call me Anne spelled with an E I shall try to reconcile myself to not being called Cordelia.
There had never been a Cordelia in the Wright or Barry connections.
asked Diana, cuddling Small Anne Cordelia with the inimitable gesture of motherhood which always sent through Anne's heart, filled with sweet, unuttered dreams and hopes, a thrill that was half pure pleasure and half a strange, ethereal pain.
Cordelia, who is working towards a university degree in marine biology, has had an involvement with the festival since she was four years old - working her way up the ranks as train bearer, petal girl and flower girl.
Volgens Cordelia is TB verantwoordelik vir die dood van baie meer vroue in Namibie as veroorsaak deur enige ander siekte, maar vroue het gewoonlik nie die bronne of tyd om klinieke te besoek nie.
Cordelia Nolan, 25, with her baby 12-week-old Emrys