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(Plants) any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cordyline that are native to eastern Asia, Australasia, and Polynesia
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Noun1.cordyline - Asiatic and Pacific trees or shrubsCordyline - Asiatic and Pacific trees or shrubs; fragments of the trunk will regrow to form whole plants
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
Agavaceae, agave family, family Agavaceae, sisal family - chiefly tropical and xerophytic plants: includes Dracenaceae (Dracaenaceae); comprises plants that in some classifications are divided between the Amaryllidaceae and the Liliaceae
Cordyline terminalis, ti - shrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing; thick sweet roots are used as food; tropical southeastern Asia, Australia and Hawaii
Cordyline australis, grass tree, cabbage tree - elegant tree having either a single trunk or a branching trunk each with terminal clusters of long narrow leaves and large panicles of fragrant white, yellow or red flowers; New Zealand
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Covering cordyline You've probably already brought your begonias, cannas, fuchsias, pelargoniums and dahlias indoors, but this isn't practical with larger tender plants such as cordylines, palms, bay trees, echiums and tree ferns.
Toxic plants: Asiatic lily, asparagus fern, begonia, box, calla lily, cherry laurel, clematis, cordyline, chrysanthemum, daisy, daffodil bulbs, dahlia, delphinium, elderberry, eucalyptus, flax, foxglove, geranium, grape plant, green seed potatoes, hydrangea, ivy, lobelia, lupin, marigold, nerium oleander, peony, plantain lily, poppy, privet hedge, tomato plant, verbena, wisteria, yew tree.
For poolside landscaping, use plants that are soft to the touch and litter-free, such as cordyline, lamb's ears, and mat-rush (Lomandra longifolia).
QHI DIARMUID, Please could you give me some advice on the giant cordyline that's growing in my front garden?
A GREAT way to add a tropical look and feel to the garden, Cordyline australis 'Red Star' - the cabbage palm - will produce exotic sword-like red foliage all year round.
I, too, would like to know why my cabbage palm, Cordyline australis, seems to have died.
Best of the Bunch Cordyline HAVING two of these Australian palm trees in my garden has made me focus my mind a little more on what other gardeners across Britain might have been suffering over the past two winters.
CORDYLINE THESE spiky architectural gems are often used as the lowmaintenance focal point plants in patio pots or borders, their striking evergreen foliage providing a tropical feel to any display.
Yucca and Cordyline are gaining favor for their bold, architectural structure, interesting foliage colors and drought tolerance.
Broad-leaved cannas, hostas, deep orange dahlias, fiery crocosmias and tender bulbs such as gloriosa will all add heat to the scene, while plants of architectural interest such as Fatsia japonica, palms, cordyline and phormium can all add to that tropical feel.
Cordyline, phormiums and hebes are good structural plants, which will do well as the focal point of a container but can be planted in the garden when you feel like a change.