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(Plants) any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cordyline that are native to eastern Asia, Australasia, and Polynesia
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Noun1.cordyline - Asiatic and Pacific trees or shrubsCordyline - Asiatic and Pacific trees or shrubs; fragments of the trunk will regrow to form whole plants
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
Agavaceae, agave family, family Agavaceae, sisal family - chiefly tropical and xerophytic plants: includes Dracenaceae (Dracaenaceae); comprises plants that in some classifications are divided between the Amaryllidaceae and the Liliaceae
Cordyline terminalis, ti - shrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing; thick sweet roots are used as food; tropical southeastern Asia, Australia and Hawaii
Cordyline australis, grass tree, cabbage tree - elegant tree having either a single trunk or a branching trunk each with terminal clusters of long narrow leaves and large panicles of fragrant white, yellow or red flowers; New Zealand
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Curved paving makes a garden seem bigger' Sitting under a pergola is perfect in sunny weather' Plywood cut-outs of lemon trees make an eyectaching feature' Cordyline & fatsia, (top) and hibiscus & laurel, (bottom) for instant colour' Pictures: GARDEN PICTURE LIBRARY/ GAP
The 'Love For All Seasons' plant collection, from specialists Great Little Garden, comprises four hardy shrubs for year-round interest, including the vibrant Cordyline 'Pink Passion', with its striking swordshaped leaves that look great all year, Lavandula 'Night Of Passion', a French lavender which produces deep purple flowers in summer, Rhodanthemum 'Marrakech', which will create a show-stopping splash of pink throughout spring and summer that the bees will go mad for, and Hebe 'Jewel of the Nile', which offers unusual pink and green leaves with pink and white flowers in early summer.
Cordyline columns PROTECT cordylines and yuccas by drawing up the leaves and loosely tying them into an upright column with soft string.
For poolside landscaping, use plants that are soft to the touch and litter-free, such as cordyline, lamb's ears, and mat-rush (Lomandra longifolia).
A GREAT way to add a tropical look and feel to the garden, Cordyline australis 'Red Star' - the cabbage palm - will produce exotic sword-like red foliage all year round.
BYD NATUR Gan BETHAN WYN JONES GARETH Pritchard wnaeth ffonio o Landudno gan holi oeddwn i wedi sylwi fod 'na flodau fel dwn i ddim be ar y Cordyline australis eleni.
Covering cordyline You've probably already brought your begonias, cannas, fuchsias, pelargoniums and dahlias indoors, but this isn't practical with larger tender plants such as cordylines, palms, bay trees, echiums and tree ferns.
QHI DIARMUID, Please could you give me some advice on the giant cordyline that's growing in my front garden?
Triangle palms (Dypsis decaryi), windmill palms (Trachycarpus fortunei), and red Cordyline baueri provide island like accents.
EASY Move plants in pots, such as Agave and Cordyline, against the house wall for winter protection.
I, too, would like to know why my cabbage palm, Cordyline australis, seems to have died.
Broad-leaved cannas, hostas, deep orange dahlias, fiery crocosmias and tender bulbs such as gloriosa will all add heat to the scene, while plants of architectural interest such as Fatsia japonica, palms, cordyline and phormium can all add to that tropical feel.