Core gear

a mortise gear, or its skeleton. See Mortise wheel, under Mortise.

See also: Gear

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Ataxin-2 is the second gene in a little more than two years that Northwestern researchers have identified as a core gear of the circadian clock, and the two genes play similar roles.
Add a comfortable, insulating sleeping pad and you've got the core gear for making a living in the backcountry.
The company is now better positioned than ever to capitalize on its heritage of innovation and brand recognition in its core gear categories.
As GEICO Powersports Honda Team and Joe Gibbs Racing Team sponsors, Shock Doctor will provide the teams the opportunity to experience their advanced impact and core gear, mouthguards, insoles and gear bags.
Cast-in metal core gears use proprietary gear-life calculations in a high-performance, one-piece gear design.
London, Feb 17 (ANI): Scientists at Northwestern University have found a new mechanism in the core gears of the circadian clock.