Core loss

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1.(Elec.) Energy wasted by hysteresis or eddy currents in the core of an armature, transformer, etc.
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The insurance industry saw a higher level of favorable development of prior years' core loss reserve (meaning, those not related to asbestos and environmental losses), with the combined ratio benifitting from 3.
Other GAAP and core earnings, including those of the parent company and Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI), for the second quarter of 2015 were $6 million, compared with a GAAP and core loss of $4 million for the second quarter of 2014.
08 per diluted common share, compared to a core loss of USD96,000 or USD0.
Core losses are due to the main flux and leakage fluxes of the motor if the input voltage is to be constant, the core loss can also be constant.
With equivalent circuit methods, the performance of an induction motor at any load point is determined from its equivalent circuit coupled with six circuit parameters: stator winding, rotor winding, and core loss resistances as well as stator leakage, rotor leakage, and magnetizing reactances (Hughes 2006; Wildi 2002).
The aim of this study is to validate thyroid TMAs with whole sections as the gold standard using immunohistochemistry, to test our hypothesis that larger is better, and to study the effect of core size and grid density on core loss.
ECDD002 has some zones of significant core loss within the mineralized interval and a three metre zone of no sample within this zone has been assigned zero grade for the average calculation.
For advancement sensorless control is necessary model of PMSM extend about core loss.
AC core loss is low in Hiperco 50 and medium in HS-50.
Version 9 also introduces the ability to calculate core loss, including the eddy, excess, and hysteresis loss of materials.
Additional tasks may include: Re-varnish and bake Perform a core loss test Inspect and balance rotor Replace wear ring Rehab impeller Rewind motor Replace cords Replace cord grommets Replace moisture sensor 4.