Core print

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(Founding) a projecting piece on a pattern which forms, in the mold, an impression for holding in place or steadying a core.

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The supplier will be suitably qualified and provide leaflet racking in all of our galleries to generate income for National Galleries Scotland and a consistent quality approach to displaying our core print and a variety of external print of interest to our visitors.
A similar number (61%) come into kindergarten with two or more Common Core print concepts under their cognitive belts, such as knowing that English text is read from left to right and from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.
What is most interesting about The Atlantic's turnaround is how much of it is still grounded in the reputation and content of the core print brand.
The acquired business is a great platform, from which ASG can expand into new markets, chairman Mike Jackson said, adding that his company can now extend its European footprint and global customer base in its core print, packaging and plastics business.
Diversifying revenue streams away from core print advertising, stabilizing core print advertising and continuing to maximize circulation revenue.
Amid a sea change in the business landscape for all print publications, Variety in recent years has expanded beyond its core print biz to include data services and a fast-growing conference series.
Chairman David Grigson said the group had continued to focus on the profitability of its core print assets while investing for growth.
Delivering his first interim results as chairman, David Grigson, reported an increase in the profitability of the group's core print interests and ongoing investment in its digital products.
We increased the profitability of our core print assets and we are continuing to invest in the technology led transformation of our publishing capabilities and in new products and services across multiple digital channels.
The YoY decline was attributed to the poor performance of Design print products, while business titles (RBC's core print business) still showed a stellar performance.
News Corporation is preparing to launch a content-led, paid-for, bundled news platform that promises to create new digital revenue streams for its core print titles and third-party publishers.
We determined that our Internet strategy must begin with our core print products, and must help protect our print newspapers.