Core wheel

(Mach.) A mortise gear.
A wheel having a rim perforated to receive wooden cogs; the skeleton of a mortise gear.

See also: Wheel, Wheel

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In order to boost focus on its core wheel and wheel-end systems business, Accuride Corp.
While this business was not aligned with our core wheel, tyre, assembly and undercarriage businesses, we are excited for the opportunity this sale creates for the employees and customers who will now be a part of Dexter Axle.
A two-year, USD150m investment programme was launched by Accuride in 2011 to restructure and expand its core wheel and wheel-end component operations and to upgrade the capabilities of each of its four business units.
The sale will allow Hayes Lemmerz to focus on growing its core wheel business.
CBN-plated steel core wheel acts more like a cutter than a grinding wheel.
The shorter one-piece bar is designed for younger riders, while metal core wheels, a flex brake, and a tough lightweight aluminum deck mean you will be able to get started laying down stunts safely, with absolute confidence in your scooter.
In larger economies they are known as core wheels of economies, and in our economy they are known as the backbone of the economy where figures strongly trade in investment and financial growth," C the governor said.
Scott Hazlett has done an exceptional job revitalizing our core Wheels business, while directing the launch and commercialization of critical new aluminum wheel manufacturing capacity this year," said Rick Dauch.