Corn ball

a ball of popped corn stuck together with soft candy from molasses or sugar.

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The caramel corn ball had been making the rounds in several Oregon Christmas parades, including Harrisburg and Junction City, and had its debut at this year's Springfield Christmas Parade.
Weighing in at 6,780 pounds and measuring more than 8 feet high and 25 feet in circumference, Carl is believed to be the largest puffed caramel corn ball in the world.
Another corn ball was created in Indiana in 2013 that weighed 6,510 pounds - still slightly more svelte than Carl.
Evans said the corn ball was the brainchild of the company's vice president of sales and marketing, Jerid Strasheim.
Evans had no objections to workers spending part of their shifts creating a huge corn ball.
The corn ball was made from non-GMO cornmeal without hulls or kernels.
a tiny corn ball that represents a serving size of 1 ounce.
Eventually, Carl the corn ball will be broken down and fed to cattle.
A standard Cereal Master EX line producing extruded cereals such as corn balls, multigrain rings, alphabet shapes, and cocoa balls can be extended, through additional units (including the flaking roll) and Baker Perkins' process expertise, to make a range of flakes, multigrain flakes and filled pillows.
Some corn was added to stews while the rest was pounded into a flour and rolled into corn balls for baking.
Anything from crisp rice products to corn balls can be made on the same extruder.