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A structure for storing and drying ears of corn.


(Agriculture) chiefly US and Canadian a ventilated building for the storage of unhusked maize



a ventilated structure for the storage of corn ears.


A small building intended for storing ears of corn. The walls were of wooden slats separated from each other enough to allow good air circulation for drying the corn, but not enough for the ears to fall out of the crib.
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Noun1.corncrib - a crib for storing and drying ears of corn
crib - a bin or granary for storing grains
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The picked corn will be left in a corn crib to dry before itll be shelled and then ground for use as feed for the farms livestock.
A large gable-front post and beam barn still has two cow stalls and an attached corn crib.
I even built a room designed to look like an old corn crib for all the corn items," he says.
During the winter, he would remove the ears and husk them into crates to haul and store in the corn crib by the barn.
5 acres, as commerce has built up around the River Road farm: Interstate 290 was built and the Solomon Pond Mall was constructed, to highlight a few, and the farm, which includes a dairy barn, corn crib, ice house and brick Federal-style country home, has remained.
Typically, the farmstead included a small but substantial farmhouse, a "hip roof" barn with a silo and hayloft, several outbuildings for horses, pigs, chickens, a corn crib, and machine sheds, and maybe 100 acres of meadows, pastures, a woodlot and, quite likely, a sugar bush.
By noon she could see rows of black dirt and she saw that Topaz had found some old metal fence posts in the corn crib and had tied the tomato plants to the posts with twine she'd taken from bales in the barn.
My first rifle kill came at dusk, the animal scampering too late up an oak limb overhanging a corn crib.
I hung them on those wires because I did not want to put them in the corn crib.
Many homes here--like the schoolhouse--do not have phones, although Amish farmers often have a line running to the barn or corn crib.
A farm boy standing in front of a corn crib is a sweeter, unwrinkled, scaled-down version of the father beside him.
I can remember sort of nut and bolting things together out back with my foster parent Raymond in the converted corn crib we called the garage.