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n.1.(Chem.) A bitter principle obtained from dogwood (Cornus florida), as a white crystalline substance; - called also cornic acid.
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Corney & Barrow White Burgundy Domaine Dominique Cornin 2016, France (PS14.
C/ the whilst a Corney & Barrow White Burgundy Domaine Dominique Cornin 2016, France (PS14.
Students heard "Diary of a Worm" by Doreen Cornin and ran through Olympic-themed obstacle courses.
While the parameters of peanut price, per capita income, export corn, corn prices the world, and wheat prices are not responsive to the demand for cornin the country.
On the way to school, during school hours and on the way home, children with ASD are unfortunately targets for bullies, mostly because of their different social skills and because the bullies know they won't be able to report them", said Natasha Cornin, mother of a seven-year-old boy with low verbal autism spectrum disorder and an AngelSense customer support representative.
Jef discovered that she married Patrick Cornin, a railwayman from Sunderland who had emigrated to Canada in 1908.
DEP'T OF JUSTICE, R-1778-DOJ, THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION PROCESS VOLUME III: OBSERVATIONS AND ANALYSIS 71 (1975) (reporting that eyewitness identification was the most significant factor in closing theft and robbery cases); CHARLES WELFORD & JAMES CORNIN, JUSTICE RESEARCH & STATISTICS ASSOC.
kousa fruits afforded kaempferol 3-O-rhamnoside (1), myricetin 3-O-rhamnoside (2), kaempferol 3-O-glucoside (3), cornin (4) and stenophyllin (5) in addition to ursolic acid and [beta]-sitosterol.
Mckeand, Glasgow pounds 10; Mrs Georgeina Kelly, Glasgow pounds 20; Mr Bert Ellis, Glasgow pounds 20; Mrs Anne Lindores, Glasgow pounds 10; Mr D Mckellar, Glasgow pounds 40; Mrs Anne Cornin, Glasgow pounds 20; Mrs May Walsh, Glasgow pounds 20.
Bedworth: Craig Maconnachie, Paul Smith, Heath Parnell, Hughie Caratella, Wayne Matthews, Dennis Oakes, Paul Cornin, Nathan Starling, Paul Haynes, Karl Parnell, Gareth Evans, Robert Bradshaw.
Keepers' lights go out:Principal Lighthouse Keeper Mr Dermot Cornin looks out over the English Channel for the last time before the North Foreland Lighthouse in Kent, one of the last manned lighthouses in the UK, became fully automated yesterday.
Frank ML, Poindexter AN, Cornin LM, Cox CA, Bateman L.