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n.1.(Bot.) A corolla.
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Espanol: "Marginalidad, etnicidad y penalidad en la ciudad neoliberal: una cartografia analitica", en Claudia Corol et al.
Flora, Corol, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, C, Lu, Or).
Em 2002, com o objetivo de identificar alguns desses clones que apresentassem vantagens comparativas para as condicoes do norte do Parana, os clones '22', '28', '49', '202', '211' e '225' foram implantados para avaliacao no Centro Tecnologico da COROL - Cooperativa Agroindustrial em Rolandia-PR (CAMARGO et al.
Identification of essential oil components by Gas Chromatography-Mass spectroscopy, Allured publishing corporation corol stream, lionis USA.
nullam dari causam, quae Deum extrinsece vel intrinsece, praeter ipsius naturae perfectionem, incitet ad agendum", Ethica I, 17, corol.
Peacefully on 14th August 2010, aged 79 years Sadie (nee Turner), beloved wife of the late Jim, loving mam to Jim and Terri, mother in law to Carol and Tony, dear sister to Lilly, treasured grandmother to Mark, Gavin and Craig and their partners Dawn, Corol and Katie, much loved great grandmother to 7 great grandchildren.
The first recipient of this award is Specialist Phillip Tyler Crump of the 178th Engineering Battalion, who was presented his scholarship certificate by Ron and Katherine Harper and by Major Corol Dobson of the South Carolina National Guard.
The next result is of Christensen and Eldar ([8, Corol.
SPECIAL SCENES: Corol Bell's favourite restaurant is Secco and her choice of building is Newcastle's Lit & Phil.
Este trabalho envolveu pesquisa multicaso, com carater descritivo e exploratorio (Yin, 2001), envolvendo duas organizacoes cooperativistas do estado do Parana: a Corol e a Confepar.
APV, a unit of Invensys plc and supplier of process solutions, recently completed the installation of a new concentrated orange juice plant for Corol, Cooperate Agropecuaria de Rolandia, located in the south of Brazil.
0 allows developers to graphically build reusable definitions of desktop or midrange interactions with IBM mainframe CICS or IMS TM COROL transactions.