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 (kôr′ə-nä′dō, kō′rō-nä′thō), Francisco Vásquez de 1510-1554.
Spanish explorer who, in his quest for the fabled Seven Cities of Cíbola, led an expedition to explore what is now Arizona and New Mexico.


(ˌkɔr əˈnɑ doʊ, ˌkɒr-)

Francisco Vásquez de, 1510–54?, Spanish explorer in North America.
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They sat under a little oak, Tony resting against the trunk and the other girls leaning against her and each other, and listened to the little I was able to tell them about Coronado and his search for the Seven Golden Cities.
Why had Coronado never gone back to Spain, to his riches and his castles and his king?
Coronado helped Hart High, once the area's dominant program, regain some of its luster.
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When explorers brought back tales of the Seven Cities of Cibola (THEE-boh-lah), great cities of gold, ambitious men like Francisco Coronado set off in search of riches.
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Tough time: Hart's Alfredo Coronado was covered in sweat and out of breath after finishing sixth in his team's Div.