Coroner's inquest

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an inquest held by a coroner to determine the cause of any violent, sudden, or mysterious death. See Coroner.

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The facts from which this conclusion is drawn, are derived partly from an examination of the room at the tavern; and partly from the evidence obtained at the Coroner's Inquest.
I have only to add, that the verdict at the Coroner's Inquest was Wilful Murder against some person, or persons, unknown.
So will the coroner's inquest certainly find it; and then you will be easily admitted to bail; and, though you must undergo the form of a trial, yet it is a trial which many men would stand for you for a shilling.
And the honourable member had so tickled the House (which has a delicate sense of humour) by putting the cap on the cow, that it became impatient of any serious reference to the Coroner's Inquest, and brought the railway off with Cheers and Laughter.
Suicide was the verdict of the coroner's inquest, for he had been shot by his own revolver.
Had she given occasion for a coroner's inquest the verdict would have been suicide, with the implication of unhappy love.
She was testifying before a coroner's inquest into the deaths of seven First Nations students who died while attending school in that city.
1987: The coroner's inquest jury into the capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise returns verdicts of unlawful killing.
And a coroner's inquest into the death later said the spy was "unlawfully killed".
Although in this particular case, neither this internal review nor the subsequent Coroner's inquest highlighted any areas of negligence by the Trust that led to Paul taking his own life, we will always seek to thoroughly investigate and learn from such cases as part of our commitment to continuously improve the quality of care we provide.
A coroner's inquest is still ongoing, and no finding has been issued on the cause and manner of death.
A police officer told a coroner's inquest Thursday that three notes were found in the room.