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 (kô-rō′, kə-), Jean Baptiste Camille 1796-1875.
French artist of the Barbizon school whose landscape paintings influenced the impressionists.


(French kɔro)
(Biography) Jean Baptiste Camille (ʒɑ̃ batist kamij). 1796–1875, French landscape and portrait painter


(kɔˈroʊ, kə-)

Jean Baptiste Camille, 1796–1875, French painter.
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Noun1.Corot - French painter of Italian landscapes (1796-1875)Corot - French painter of Italian landscapes (1796-1875)
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One of them is a young man from Boston,--an aesthetic young man, who talks about its being "a real Corot day," etc.
The landscape is a genuine Corot, and, though a connoisseur might perhaps throw a doubt upon that Salvator Rosa, there cannot be the least question about the Bouguereau.
Slowly he threaded his way amongst the elegant Louis Quinze furniture, examining as though for the first time the beautiful old tapestry, the Sevres china, the Chippendale table, which was priceless, the exquisite portraits painted by Greuze, and the mysterious green twilights and grey dawns of Corot.
Impressionism Their Impressionist purchases were generally less expensive than the works they had been acquiring by artists such as Turner and Corot In 1913, Gwendoline acquired her most important painting, La Parisienne, for PS5,000.
CoRoT Sol 1 is considered the sun's twin because of nearly identical mass and chemical composition, the astronomers said.
The satellite CoRoT (Convection, Rotation and planetary Transits) has provided precise space-based data from which it is possible to determine the rotation periods of stars.
In 1922, on the occasion of a retrospective of nineteenth-century art, the English art critic Roger Fry suspected that "Some day, no doubt, psychologists will explain how Corot I is related to Corot II, and why one turned into the other.
I'm hoping against all evidence this turns out to be an early Manet or Corot.
Paris Salon of 1842--The Original Works in Sofia [Exhibition of works by Camille Corot, Francois Francais, Alexandre Decamps, Alexandre Guille-min, first presented at the Paris Salon of 1842]--Until March 30
They spotted a painting by French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot called Wooded Landscape With Figures in the catalogue for respected Edinburgh auction house Lyon and Turnbull.
It is exciting that these partners, working in complementary areas and from different nations, have deployed their efforts to advance this technology that will ultimately benefit patients," said Claire Corot, Vice President, Research, Guerbet.
Water coaches were borne down river by the strong current from the Tuileries to Sevres, and towed back by six horses and a pilot - the start of the landscape that inspired Monet, Corot, Sisley and Pisarro.