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(ˈkɔːpərətaɪz; -prə-) or


1. (Commerce) (tr) to convert (a government-controlled industry or enterprise) into an independent company
2. (intr) to be influenced by or take on the features of a large commercial business, esp in being bureaucratic and uncaring


(ˈkɔr pər əˌtaɪz, -prəˌtaɪz)

v.t. -tized, -tiz•ing.
to develop or turn into big business.
cor`po•ra•ti•za′tion, n.
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The outgoing Director-General Mr Yap Ong Heng had held the appointment since July 2009 and is credited with successfully leading CAAS' restructuring after the corporatisation of Changi Airport in 2009,including the significant task of rebuilding the corporate branding and organisational culture of CAAS.
The government is going ahead with the port modernisation programme and the shipping ministry would seek Cabinet approval for the proposal as it tries to tackle the opposition by trade unions to the corporatisation plan for ports," road transport, highways and shipping minister Nitin Gadkari told the media here on Wednesday.
Far from producing lean, innovative and customer-focused organisations, privatisation and corporatisation have given us bloated and overpaid management, higher prices and customer service that ranges from limited to appalling.
The airline has moreover embarked on a corporatisation process that will see it operate at arms length from the Ministry of Transport, and has been updating services such as introducing a website permitting online bookings.
The Prime Minister stressed that a new vision of Serbia is based on four basic principles: universal minimum of social care, consolidation of public finances, corporatisation of the economy and meaningful legislation.
And they feel that the full benefits of this phenomenon of corporatisation of the economy would be felt only during the economic cycle.
The nation's minister of communications, Radhakrishna 'Roy' Padayachie, said, 'Following my meeting with the SAPO [SA Post Office], and having received a detailed report on matters pertaining to corporatisation process of the Postbank, I'm confident that the SAPO board and management are making progress and that the Postbank will be able to lodge its application for licence by December 2011.
The grading reflects the recent corporatisation and other measures taken by the management to strengthen the company's project management systems and controls.
I'm sorry but it looked all wrong, a symbol of the corporatisation and emasculation of football.
The Finnish IT company TJ Group has decided to continue with the corporatisation of its operations.
The decision follows a petition from the Airports Authority of Thailand State Enterprise Workers Union, which asked the government to review the privatisation of the Airport Authority of Thailand (AAT) and other airports under the Corporatisation Act.
This annex summarises some of the evidence referred to in Chapter IV on the likely effects of corporatisation and deregulation on the enterprises' output, employment, prices, product quality and overall financial performance, as well as on social goals.