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(ˈkɔːpərətaɪz; -prə-) or


1. (Commerce) (tr) to convert (a government-controlled industry or enterprise) into an independent company
2. (intr) to be influenced by or take on the features of a large commercial business, esp in being bureaucratic and uncaring


(ˈkɔr pər əˌtaɪz, -prəˌtaɪz)

v.t. -tized, -tiz•ing.
to develop or turn into big business.
cor`po•ra•ti•za′tion, n.
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Shekhar Kapur shares his views on filmmaking & corporatisation of cinema
The outgoing Director-General Mr Yap Ong Heng had held the appointment since July 2009 and is credited with successfully leading CAAS' restructuring after the corporatisation of Changi Airport in 2009,including the significant task of rebuilding the corporate branding and organisational culture of CAAS.
General secretary of the Union, Rakhal Das Gupta, who is also the president of AIRF, said, "The NF Railway Mazdoor Union and the AIRF strongly protest induction of FDI in the Indian Railways, as this will open the flood-gate of privatisation of the Indian Railways through corporatisation.
Far from producing lean, innovative and customer-focused organisations, privatisation and corporatisation have given us bloated and overpaid management, higher prices and customer service that ranges from limited to appalling.
A panel discussion would also held wherein the speakers would be joined by Executive Director corporatisation & Compliance Department, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Nazir A Shaheen, CEO Pakistan Business Council Kamran Mirza and Senior Private Sector Development Specialist World Bank Sarwat Aftab as panellists while Country Director Centre for International Private Enterprise Moin Fudda would participate as the moderator, it said.
The roadmap sets out the timeframe for the privatisation framework, with the employees involved throughout the process, including that of the corporatisation of the public entities, while the same model will not be adopted for all organisations that will be reviewed separately.
Conference programming includes sequestration and its impact on aviation, ATC corporatisation, and Unmanned Aerial Systems.
The Prime Minister stressed that a new vision of Serbia is based on four basic principles: universal minimum of social care, consolidation of public finances, corporatisation of the economy and meaningful legislation.
The trend is reflective of the corporatisation of politics in the country and the objective of political parties, which is, to win elections through whichever way possible, said Chhokar.
To foster corporatisation, the SECP is in dialogue with the Tax Authorities to reform tax system.
The nation's minister of communications, Radhakrishna 'Roy' Padayachie, said, 'Following my meeting with the SAPO [SA Post Office], and having received a detailed report on matters pertaining to corporatisation process of the Postbank, I'm confident that the SAPO board and management are making progress and that the Postbank will be able to lodge its application for licence by December 2011.
Additionally, it will also cover corporatisation, long term savings, insurance and private pensions, out-reach expansion of non-banking products, fiscal reforms and regulatory issues.