Corpse candle

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A thick candle formerly used at a lich wake, or the customary watching with a corpse on the night before its interment. (b) A luminous appearance, resembling the flame of a candle, sometimes seen in churchyards and other damp places, superstitiously regarded as portending death.

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References in classic literature ?
I had heard of corpse candles, and at last I persuaded myself that this must be a corpse bell tolling of itself at midnight for the dead.
A parlour where people laid their dead in silver-handled coffins; where the corpse candles burned in tall, brassbased holders.
Tales abound of the ghosts, corpse candles (coloured orbs) and 'black goblins' of the acre who occasionally invade our world to wreak havoc - as well as a black shadowy entity, known as an Angel of Death, which rises up from the Acre when a world war is imminent.