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 (kə-rĕj′ō, kō-rĕd′jō), Antonio Allegri da 1494?-1534.
Italian Renaissance painter known for his use of chiaroscuro. Among his works are devotional pictures, including Holy Night, and frescoes, such as those in the convent of San Paolo in Parma (1518).


(Italian korˈreddʒo)
(Biography) Antonio Allegri da (anˈtɔːnjo alˈleːɡri da). 1494–1534, Italian painter, noted for his striking use of perspective and foreshortening


(kəˈrɛdʒ oʊ, -ˈrɛdʒ iˌoʊ)

Antonio Allegri da, 1494–1534, Italian painter.
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Noun1.Correggio - Italian painter noted for his use of chiaroscuro and perspective (1494-1534)Correggio - Italian painter noted for his use of chiaroscuro and perspective (1494-1534)
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He liked that story of Correggio, and he fancied himself standing before some great masterpiece and crying: Anch' io son' pittore.
In Florence he had discovered the Correggio he had been sent to find.
He sighed, and whispered a name, and the head bathed in tears and pressed on the velvet cushion of the chair -- a head like that of a Magdalen by Correggio -- was raised and turned towards him.
Transport service and start-up for the recovery of dehydrated organic sludge deriving from the inter-municipal wastewater treatment plant (carpi, Correggio, Soliera, Campogalliano) of the urban waste water from carpi located in via bertuzza 8 / a in san marino di carpi (mo).
A "Sappho" of the early 16th century, the complete lyrics of prominent poet and regent Countess of Correggio, Veronica Gambara (1485-1550) is now accessible to an English-speaking audience in a fine bilingual edition by Molly Martin (Global Liberal Studies, New York University) and Paola Ugolini (University of Buffalo-SUNY).
And Correggio can go one better upped two furlongs on his latest outing.
The parallel mention of Botticelli and Correggio (seen as a precursor of Baroque painting in his illusionistic experiments and serpentine lines) in relation to the Galleria Borghese once again matches Sperelli's compositional polarity, documented in his two projects on the quattrocento and on Bernini.
Correggio should be followed in Haydock's Best Odds Guaranteed At 188Bet Handicap for gentleman amateur riders.
It's fascinating to see these treasures of the Western world collected in one volume, with page after page of magnificence, including the works of Uccello, da Vinci, Correggio, Titian, Michelangelo and more.
Chapter 8 "Supporting Authorship" explores the wealth of visual sources that the artist drew upon to execute his paintings from Correggio to the Carracci to his contemporary, Luca Giordano.
An impressive winner at Hamilton in June, he was unlucky when a fast-finishing second to subsequent winner Correggio over 1m1f at York next time after racing in the wrong group.
Michelangelo, perhaps, or Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Correggio Not if you wanted the best because all those guys looked up to Andrea del Sarto as the most innovative, talented draftsman/painter in the city.