Correlation of forces

the relation between the forces which matter, endowed with various forms of energy, may exert.

See also: Correlation

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Crackenthorp, who blinked and nodded, and seemed to intend a smile, which, by the correlation of forces, went off in small twitchings and noises.
A correlation of forces (COF) calculator is a tool used to help planners compare the relative combat power of k two forces and estimate the outcome of engagements between them.
CONSERVATIVE HISTORIANS, BY CONTRAST, believe Reagan faced Kremlin leaders who had every reason to think the correlation of forces was shifting in their direction.
This correlation shows that it is not possible to use the reference values of the original TCST to the adapted TCST, since the correlation of forces between the test is not strong.
When objective circumstances and the correlation of forces (to use two old-fashioned concepts) permit, citizens spring into action.
For wars to start, aggressor nations don't have to be right about the correlation of forces.
Another factor in the recent successes of the left in Latin America has been a more favorable correlation of forces.
Second, it resorted to armed force because it believed the correlation of forces presented a dangerously short window of opportunity to destroy the ROV once and for all.
Analysts already make conjectures related to the would-be correlation of forces in the Middle East after the inevitable victory of Bashar Assad which is close.
26) Changing the Soviet perception of the correlation of forces in NATO's favor--in the maritime theaters, so as to require the USSR to devote forces to defense early in a conflict, and also in nuclear forces, and rapidly, so as to deter escalation to the use of nuclear weapons by either side--set the strategic intent for the SSG.
He said the implementation of this promising task will internationally change the correlation of forces in the transportation of cargoes from Asia by sea.
In summary the killing of Osama bin Laden will have zero impact on the correlation of forces in Afghanistan; it will have zero impact on the capacity of the Taliban to carry-out its prolonged war against the US occupation and inflict dozens of casualties each week.
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