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1. A hornless sheep of a breed developed in New Zealand and Australia, raised for its meat and dense wool.
2. The wool of this sheep.

[After Corriedale, the sheep run in New Zealand where development of the breed was begun in the 1860s.]


(Breeds) a breed of sheep reared for both wool and meat, originally developed in New Zealand and Australia
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45 Romney, Southdown and Corriedale are breeds of which domesticated animal?
Border, Leicester, Merino and Corriedale are all breeds of what?
Today she crosses Icelandic, Shetland, Cotswold, Jacob, Corriedale, Ryeland, Southdown and Wensleydale in order to provide a hardy, prolific, friendly ewe with a heavy, long-stapled fleece in various natural colours.
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Signs over the stalls in the sheep pavilion identify the animal prized for their wool, meat, and even milk from production: Black Face from Scotland, Romney Marsh from England, and Corriedale from New Zealand (actually a cross of Merino and Lincoln sheep).