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1. A hornless sheep of a breed developed in New Zealand and Australia, raised for its meat and dense wool.
2. The wool of this sheep.

[After Corriedale, the sheep run in New Zealand where development of the breed was begun in the 1860s.]


(Breeds) a breed of sheep reared for both wool and meat, originally developed in New Zealand and Australia
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com> Corriedales, CVM/Romeldales and East Friesians.
The Corriedales produce good-quality fleece, and their carcasses are of moderate quality.
Corriedales produce a soft, dense, medium-long fleece with a medium-tight crimp grading in the mid-50s (see "Wool Grades,").
They are pure-bred Corriedales, a New Zealand variety known for its high-quality wool and its size, almost twice as large as the native sheep.
We've got Corriedales, Hampshires, Dorset Horns, Columbias.
com> Icelandic, Black Welsh Mountain, Corriedales and CVM/ Romeldale sheep.