Cortaderia selloana

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Noun1.Cortaderia selloana - tall perennial grass of pampas of South America having silvery plumes and growing in large dense clumpsCortaderia selloana - tall perennial grass of pampas of South America having silvery plumes and growing in large dense clumps
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
Cortaderia, genus Cortaderia - tall ornamental grasses of South America and New Zealand and New Guinea: pampas grass
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Nosotros la hemos encontrado en un terreno derivado de rellenos realizados durante la construccion de dicha autovia, en donde aparecen numerosos ejemplares repartidos en un area de aproximadamente 1,5 ha, en compania de otros taxones como Cortaderia selloana (Schult.
Cortaderia selloana, Baccharis halimifolia and Reynoutria japo
Stapf * purple pampas grass Uruguayan pampas Cortaderia selloana (Schult.
Durante este estudio hallamos otras dos poblaciones apomicticas, morfologicamente semejantes a Cortaderia selloana, en San Luis (Testoni 433) y en Mendoza (Villamil 11586).
Las variables independientes incluidas en el modelo fueron las medianas de las variables de vegetacion: altura de la vegetacion; % de suelo desnudo; % de cobertura de gramineas verdes y secas, latifoliadas verdes y secas, arbustivas verdes y secas, Cortaderia selloana verdes y secas.
Herbaceous cover did not differ significantly between 1999 and 2008 and was almost entirely comprised of nonnative species such as pampas grass Cortaderia selloana, Italian plumegrass thistle Carduus pycnocephalus, and umbrella grass Cyperus involucratus.
In particular, Cortaderia selloana 'Aureolineata' stands out as a superb example, with its very long yellow-margined leaves that move gracefully, even in the gentlest of breezes.
On the contrary, avoiders of urbanized environments are Solanum chacoense, Cenchrus pauciflorus, Cortaderia selloana and Acryrocline satureoides, which grew as plants common for open dunes at the 10 km-stations.
IT isn't always necessary to cut back grasses but it they're out of control and looking tatty you can tidy up the plants and remove the bleached flower stalks and foliage of large ornamental grasses such as Cortaderia selloana (pampas grass) and Miscanthus.