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 (kôr-tĕz′, -tĕs′), Hernando or Hernán 1485-1547.
Spanish explorer and conquistador who conquered Aztec Mexico for Spain.


(ˈkɔːtɛz; Spanish ˈkortes)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the national assembly of Spain and (until 1910) Portugal
[C17: from Spanish, literally: courts, plural of corte court, from Latin cohors cohort]


(ˈkɔːtɛz; Spanish korˈtes) or


(Biography) Hernando (ɛrˈnando) or Hernán (ɛrˈnan). 1485–1547, Spanish conquistador: defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1523)


(ˈkɔr tɪz, -tɛz)

the national legislature of Spain or Portugal.
[1660–70; < Sp, pl. of corte court]


or Cor•tez


Hernando or Hernán, 1485–1547, Spanish conqueror of Mexico.
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Noun1.Cortés - Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547)Cortes - Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547)
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As he explained to his friends, they would take the steamer from New York to Puerto Cortes, one of the principal seaports of Honduras.
And to come to more modern examples, what scuttled the ships, and left stranded and cut off the gallant Spaniards under the command of the most courteous Cortes in the New World?
My dear Monsieur Bertuccio," said Monte Cristo, laughing, "control yourself; we are not at Sartena or at Corte.
Cortes have been named among the 2015 Delaware Valley's Most Influential Latinos by the Most Influential Latinos Foundation, Impacto Latin Newspaper, and PHLDiversity.
Attn: Patricia Cortes Carbone, Patricia Cortes Carbone
Pictured from left were: |Miguel Cortes, David Hadden, Roxana Cortes de Hadden, Claudia Delgado de Cortes, Rolando Cortes and Cesar Cortes who were nearing the end of a six-month world tour in celebration of the first year of the United Nations Decade of Culture in 1988.
Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes arrived in Dubai from Manila on June 21 to take up the post after former consul-general Franck Cimafranca finished his tour of duty earlier this year.
This motivated Valerie Cortes and her fiance to organise a fundraiser for Lagman at a local comedy club.
A glittering ChocoBar, with a chocolate-based menu, has opened in old San Juan as the first salvo in a strategy by the Cortes Group to project its brand, Cortes chocolate, internationally, reports Lorraine Blasor in News Is My Business (Sept.
conducts a literary analysis of the materials produced by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes (1485-1547) and his legal team in 1529 as part of his response answering to charges that he had abused his position of governor of New Spain (Mexico), focusing on two specific documents: the dialog between the cargos (accusations) and the answering descargos and the narrative that arises out of the witness questionnaire prepared by his defense, the Interrogatorio general.
Latin American luxury resort developer Grupo Vidanta said it has added national and international AeroMexico (OTC: GRPAF) flights to its Mar de Cortes International Airport located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.
Gabriel Cortes, 51, was given 27 months in prison on three charges of soliciting and accepting $3,400 in bribes and one charge of witness tampering.