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Noun1.Cortinarius - the largest genus in the AgaricalesCortinarius - the largest genus in the Agaricales; agarics having rusty spores and prominent cortinae (cobwebby partial veils)
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Cortinariaceae, family Cortinariaceae - a family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales
Cortinarius atkinsonianus - an edible fungus with a slimy viscid cap that is initially yellow but turns olive and then tawny; flesh is lavender
Cortinarius corrugatus - a fungus with a viscid wrinkled tawny cap; the stalk has a basal bulb that diminishes as the stalk elongates; the gills are dark violet at first but soon turn brown
Cortinarius gentilis - a poisonous fungus with a bright yellow brown cap and a long cinnamon colored stalk
Cortinarius mutabilis, purple-staining Cortinarius - a fungus with a reddish purple cap having a smooth slimy surface; close violet gills; all parts stain dark purple when bruised
Cortinarius semisanguineus - a fungus with a dry brown cap and rusty red gills and a yellowish stalk
Cortinarius subfoetidus - a fungus with a sticky lavender cap and stalk that whitish above and covered with a silky lavender sheath
Cortinarius violaceus - a fungus that is violet overall with a squamulose cap
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Algunos Myxacium y otros Cortinarius interesantes del municipio de Soba (I).
Cortinarius sanguineus se ha citado de Chihuahua, Durango, Hidalgo, Morelos, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca y Puebla como Dermocybe sanguinea (Bandala-Munoz et al.
tigrinus slightly more toxic than Cortinarius speciosissimus and Cortinarius orellanus with L[D.
2005) studied laccase and phosphatase activities of the dominant ectomycorrhizal fungi in an oak forest and reported that Lactarius quietus and Cortinarius anomalus showed peak of laccase activity in spring, while those of Xerocomus ehrysenteron showed highest laccase activity in summer and autumn.
Acute renal failure following collective intoxication by Cortinarius orellanus.
However, he had actually harvested a similar species, Cortinarius speciosissimus - or deadly webcap.
Roedd awdur 'The Horse Whisperer', Nicholas Evans yn meddwl ei fod o a'i wraig wedi bwyta hanner kilo o chanterelles ( madarch melyn, rhyfedd yr olwg) ond Cortinarius speciosissimus, neu'r deadly webcap oedden nhw.
Every autumn, the National Poisons Information Service is bombarded with queries from doctors and nurses needing help to treat emergency patients who have picked and eaten sometimes dangerously toxic wild mushrooms, like the Destroying Angel, Death Cap and Cortinarius rubellus.
Cortinarius rubellus is also known as a Deadly Webcap as it has a veil that looks like a cobweb.
Orellanus sendromu: Cortinarius grubu mantarlar etkendir.
They received dialysis after eating the Cortinarius speciosissimus - a mushroom whose toxins attack the kidneys - but Evans' condition is reported to be the most serious.
It has emerged the two couples were poisoned by the highly toxic cortinarius speciosissimus mushroom - not the destroying angel species originally thought.