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A city of western Oregon on the Willamette River south-southwest of Salem. It is the seat of Oregon State University (established 1868).


(kɔrˈvæl ɪs)

a city in W Oregon. 41,800.
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Parker, who used to live in Ashland a couple of years ago before moving to Corvallis, loves being a resident, but her specialty is in sharing what's great for visitors to see and do in this town of about 55,000 people and home to Oregon State University.
He believed strongly in community service and served in Douglas, MA, on the Planning Commission and Conservation Commission, and in Corvallis on the Housing and Community Development Commission, as well as acting as a volunteer mediator for Linn-Benton Mediation Services.
This Willamette Valley town happily took up the Corvallis Energy Challenge, where residents strive to use the lowest amount of energy in their homes.
Corvallis strains from humans in Denmark or isolated in Thailand from humans, chicken, pork, and beef (3).
He has a goatee, wears two earrings in each ear, and is the suspect in the abduction and possible homicide of Brook Carol Wilberger of Corvallis, Oregon.
Bracken, who is starting his 20th year as Northridge coach, thinks next week's tournament at Corvallis could reveal a lot about the Matadors' potential - which has made the team's qualifying rounds so competitive.
The Corvallis repository preserves and stores genetic resources of thousands of varieties of crops such as pears, strawberries, blueberries, mint, and hops.
At the research station in Corvallis, Clarence "Hank" Thompson, an insect pathologist, and Mauro Martignoni, a microbiologist, pioneered work leading to the successful development of a virus-based insecticide for use against the tussok moth.
has initiated its second city-wide Solar Challenge in Corvallis, Oregon.
even renamed one of their streets after the group, which will defend its title in downtown Corvallis on Saturday, playing a 7 p.