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n.1.(Paleon.) A genus of extinct mammals from the eocene tertiary of Europe and America. Its species varied in size between the tapir and rhinoceros, and were allied to those animals, but had short, plantigrade, five-toed feet, like the elephant.
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Among the models of extinct mammals are Vulpavus, a carnivore that had a long thin body and tail, well suited for quick movements both in trees and on the ground; Coryphodon, a short-tusked hippo-like wader; and Thuliadanta, an extinct tapir that had a flexible, trunk-like snout.
The team used an analysis of carbon and oxygen isotopes extracted from the fossil teeth of three varieties of mammals from Ellesmere Island - a hippo-like, semi-aquatic creature known as Coryphodon, a second, smaller ancestor of today's tapirs and a third rhino-like mammal known as brontothere.
Paleopathology of early Cenozoic Coryphodon (Mammalia; Pantodonta).