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A cosmetic that has or is purported to have medicinal properties.

cos′me·ceu′ti·cal adj.


a cosmetic that has, or is claimed to have, pharmaceutical properties
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The cosmeceuticals market in Asia Pacific region has inclined with the anticipated double digit growth rate during the next three years from 2013-2015.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cosmeceuticals have become the fastest growing segment of the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.
Since its foundation in 2005, Cygen Cosmeceuticals has been committed to developing cutting edge, innovative skincare and anti-aging products for concerned consumers.
The survey was conducted in April 2013 via online interviews among a national sample of 804 adult women in the US to update key trends from the 2011 study of cosmeceuticals.
Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals founded in 1986 by Cheryl Pereira, has its product in more than 10,000 beauty salons across the country.
Results are based on surveys that were conducted in July 2013 and included more than 450 patients who are currently purchasing physician-dispensed cosmeceuticals, receiving aesthetic treatments or both.
This report provides insights into the global cosmeceuticals market, which comprises the top seven developed markets: the US, the top five European countries (the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) and Japan, with market forecasts until 2018.
Overall, the report is likely to provide clients with an optimum source of knowledge and statistics related to cosmeceuticals market worldwide.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Physician Dispensed Cosmeceuticals in US$ Thousand by the following Segments: Physician Dispensed Skin Care Products, and Physician Dispensed Eyelash Products.
Frequently, the components of cosmeceuticals include growth factors, bioactive peptides and DNA repair enzymes, and most cosmeceuticals on the market claim to have antiaging and antiwrinkling properties.
This dictionary contains everything you might not want to know about chemicals found in toiletries, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, including ingredients marketed as all natural or as safe for children.