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The act or practice of dressing in costume, often homemade, to resemble or portray a fictional character, especially from science fiction, fantasy, manga, or anime.
v. cos·played, cos·play·ing, cos·plays
To engage in cosplay.
To portray (a character) through cosplay: She cosplayed her favorite superhero at a comic book convention.

cos′play·er n.


(ˈkɒsˌpleɪ; ˈkɒz-)
a recreational activity in which people interact with one another while dressed as fictional characters
[C20: shortened from costume play]
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Going under the pseudonym Crome Moe on Weibo, this cosplayer often cosplayed female characters from various anime series.
We witnessed hundreds of stalls and thousands of people having a great time buying merchandise and accessories, where many cosplayed as their favourite characters.
I can pretty much say I'm a new fan (of 'Star Wars') but I haven't really cosplayed the old characters from the original trilogy.
He had never cosplayed before, he says, but he had gone to the first Salt Lake ComicCon in 2013 and was inspired by the costumes he saw there.