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A member of a people of southern European Russia and adjacent parts of Asia. Many Cossacks served as cavalrymen in the armies of the czars.

[Russian kazak and Ukrainian kozak, both from South Turkic qazaq, adventurer; see Kazakh.]

Cos′sack′ adj.


(Historical Terms) (formerly) any of the free warrior-peasants of chiefly East Slavonic descent who lived in communes, esp in Ukraine, and served as cavalry under the tsars
(Historical Terms) of, relating to, or characteristic of the Cossacks: a Cossack dance.
[C16: from Russian kazak vagabond, of Turkic origin]


(ˈkɒs æk, -ək)

1. a member of any of a number of self-governing communities of varied ethnic affiliation that developed on the S and E frontiers of the Muscovite state and Poland-Lithuania after c1400: all were eventually incorporated into czarist Russia.
2. a mounted soldier of a military unit drafted from any of these communities.
[1590–1600; < Polish kozak or Ukrainian kozák, ultimately < a Turkic word taken to mean “adventurer, freebooter”]
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Noun1.Cossack - a member of a Slavic people living in southern European Russia and Ukraine and adjacent parts of Asia and noted for their horsemanship and military skillCossack - a member of a Slavic people living in southern European Russia and Ukraine and adjacent parts of Asia and noted for their horsemanship and military skill; they formed an elite cavalry corps in czarist Russia
Slav - any member of the people of eastern Europe or Asian Russia who speak a Slavonic language


A. ADJcosaco m
B. Ncosaco/a m/f


nKosak(in) m(f)
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A Cossack who accompanied him had handed him a knapsack and a flask, and Nesvitski was treating some officers to pies and real doppelkummel.
He called the Cossack with his horse, told him to put away the knapsack and flask, and swung his heavy person easily into the saddle.
I came to it by accident, and without any manner, of preoccupation in The Cossacks, one of his early books, which had been on my shelves unread for five or six years.
Vladimir Svezhenets told the meeting about the implementation of measures of state support for Cossack societies and public associations of Cossacks in the implementation of agricultural production.
Most important in this regard was his 1999 monograph, At the Edge of Empire, an ingenious ethnographic portrait of Cossack life in the North Caucasus that succeeded brilliantly in decentering our understanding of Russian expansion and empire building.
DON COSSACK enters a crucial stage of his rehabilitation from career-threatening injury when the Cheltenham Gold Cup hero resumes full work on Tuesday.
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EDWARD HALES has been rewarded for identifying the potential of Don Cossack as Gigginstown House Stud have sent 15 young horses to the County Tipperary trainer.
Dmitry Slaboda, one of the Cossacks, said the original plan had been just to throw milk at Navalny and his supporters and to hurl insults at them, but that things had turned violent after one of them had elbowed an old cossack to the ground.
Britain's biggest bookmakers - for now at least - complained about a punter-friendly Cheltenham festival, where Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary's horse Don Cossack won the Gold Cup, plus costly football results.
Cheltenham hero Don Cossack, old rival Cue Card (left) and Vautour are all on course for what promises to be the race of the season.
And Colin Tizzard's top-class 10-year-old may have set up a deciding clash with Gold Cup hero Don Cossack in the Punchestown version later this month.