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Noun1.Costanoan - a member of a North American Indian people living in coastal California between Monterey and San Francisco Bay
Penutian - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Penutian languages
2.Costanoan - a Penutian language spoken by the Costanoan
Penutian - a family of Amerindian language spoken in the great interior valley of California
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Caption: A member of the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe of the Ohlone Nation sings while commemorating Founder's Day at the Carmel Mission in California June 28.
Author Deborah Miranda tells of her Ohlone Costanoan Esselen family history in the course of relating stories about California Indians through oral histories, newspaper reports, and anthropological recordings.
Miranda, an enrolled member of the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation of California, has written two books of poetry and teaches English at Washington and Lee University.
We will take care of it and guard it, in the spirit of the Costanoan Indians.
Louise Miranda Ramirez, who chairs the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation, has been on-site overseeing the excavation.