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n.1.Participation of the same nature; coexistence in the same substance.
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In this historical context, finance emerges as a cosubstantial element in the production of all commodities and as an invasive process in almost every aspect of social and economic life.
Since ritual is cosubstantial with myth--the "formal and dramatic" presentation of myth in "its immediate punctual aspect" (Gaster 113-114)--a reader might expect to see the Christian myth "told" through the performance of Christian ritual, a variant of storytelling that draws on yet additional magical--or, more precisely, mysterious--power.
Drawing on Kenneth Burke's discussion of "dying dialectically," in which "`a man can "substantially" slay himself through the sacrifice of another who is cosubstantial with him'" (163), Diehl further relates iconoclastic abuse of images to male protagonists' self-mutilation through the symbolic, as well as literal, murder of the women they love.