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Noun1.Cotingidae - cotingas; umbrella birds
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
superfamily Tyrannidae, Tyrannidae - New World tyrant flycatchers most numerous in Central America and South America but also in the United States and Canada
genus Cotinga - type genus of the Cotingidae: cotingas
genus Rupicola, Rupicola - cock of the rocks
Cephalopterus, genus Cephalopterus - a genus of Cotingidae
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Four hundred and three fecal samples were collected from birds of the order Passeriformes of the families Cardinalidae (n=3), Corvidae (n=1), Cotingidae (n=3), Estrildidae (n=1), Icteridae (n=19), Pipridae (n=1), Thraupidae (n=352), and Turdidae (n=23).
De las familias reportadas las mas representativas fueron Tyrannidae (10 generos y 14 especies) y la familia Thraupidae (6 generos y 7 especies), mientras que para las otras familias (Pipridae, Fringillidae, Cotingidae y Furnaridae) solo se registro una especie (Tabla 1).
oleracea are eaten by: Cracidae (Penelope marail), Psittacidae (Ara macao and Deroptyus accipitrinus), Ramphastidae (Ramphastos tucanus) and Cotingidae (Querula purpurata) (A.
COTINGIDAE 96 Pipreola riejferii - - - 97 Doliornis remseni #; *; **; % - - - 98 Rupicola peruvianas - - - 99 Lipaugus fuscocinereus % - - - XXVIII.
Mientras las familias mas importantes para caracterizar este ecomosaicos fueron Ramphastidae, Cotingidae y Psittacidae (Cuadro 5).