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 (kō′tə-păk′sē, -tō-päk′-)
A volcano, 5,897 m (19,347 ft) high, in the Andes of central Ecuador. The symmetrical snowcapped cone is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world.


(Spanish kotoˈpaksi)
(Placename) a volcano in central Ecuador, in the Andes: the world's highest active volcano Height: 5896 m (19 344 ft)


(ˌkoʊ təˈpæk si, -ˈpɑ hi)

a volcano in central Ecuador, in the Andes: highest active volcano in the world. 19,498 ft. (5943 m).
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Noun1.Cotopaxi - the world's largest active volcanoCotopaxi - the world's largest active volcano; located in the Andes in north central Ecuador
Ecuador, Republic of Ecuador - a republic in northwestern South America; became independent from Spain in 1822; the landscape is dominated by the Andes
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I have little to record, except the fact (to me quite a surprising one) that, at an elevation equal to that of Cotopaxi, I experienced neither very intense cold, nor headache, nor difficulty of breathing ; neither, I find, did Mr.
In this vein, the only thing CONAIE appears to have won is to have a clear map of its power and influence: in the central and southern Amazon it retains its strength, as it does in the provinces of Cotopaxi and in the southern highlands.
eXpert Fridge: A refrigeration management and optimisation solution from Cotopaxi Ltd, which improves the reliability and energy consumption in refrigeration systems.
Others included the South Pole Allied Challenge (SPAC) with Britain's Prince Harry, as well as climbs of Peru's Mariposa 1, Ecuador's Cotopaxi, Nepal's Lobuche and North America's Mount Whitney.
According to Pedro Cieza de Le'f3n, who chronicled the Spanish conquistadors' arrival in the Incan Empire, when Pedro de Alvarado entered the land that is now Ecuador in 1534, the Cotopaxi volcano erupted, sending massive gusts of fire and ash into the air, practically reducing the soldiers themselves to dust.
QUITO, Ecuador, Dhu-AlQa'dah 03, 1436, August 18, 2015, SPA -- Ecuadorean authorities said Monday that up to 325,000 people live in areas that could be threatened by fast-moving mud and rock flows if there is a major eruption of the Cotopaxi volcano, AP reported.
In March we were scheduled to fly back to our Chilean home from Quito, Ecuador, where we attended a wonderful Dances of Universal Peace retreat and hiked/ rode horseback in Cotopaxi National Park.
Despite their disabilities, they have climbed some of the tallest and most technical mountains in the world including, Cotopaxi (19,374 ft.
We were only 15 minutes outside Quito the next day when we caught sight of our destination, 19,347ft Cotopaxi, one of the world's tallest active volcanoes.
Unfortunately, Utah didn't offer the B-corp registration at the time, so he registered Cotopaxi as a B-corp in Delaware.
It is also possible to select segments of the trip, which could include visits to incomparable sites for outdoor activities and natural wonders such as El Boliche Station near Cotopaxi National Park.
Visitors may head to Cotopaxi National Park for a variety of adventure activities and to observe nearby volcanoes.