Cotton Belt

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Cotton Belt

An agricultural region of the southeast United States, concentrated particularly in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, where cotton became the predominant crop in the 1800s.

cotton belt

(Agriculture) a belt of land in the southeastern US that specializes in the production of cotton

Cot′ton Belt`

(sometimes l.c.) the part of the southern U.S. where cotton is grown, orig. Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, but now often extended to include parts of Texas and California.
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We already know Gombe used to be a cotton belt and in those days we were producing 119,000 metric tonnes of cotton.
Sugarcane cultivation on cotton belt should be avoided, they added.
The business leaders mentioned that their community wanted specific zones for sugarcane, rice, maze and cotton cultivation, and sugarcane cultivation on cotton belt should be avoided.
Country's economic managers had decided last year to frame a national sugar policy in a bid to secure the cotton belt that had come under threat from the growing number of sugar mills and planting of sugarcane in such zones.
We have started growing sugarcane in southern Punjab and those parts of upper Sindh which were otherwise a cotton belt.
The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority (DART) is seeking qualified firms interested in providing professional services for the Program Manager/Owners Representative (PMOR) for Cotton Belt Program.
Khalid Abdullah said that cotton crop was in good condition in the cotton belt of Punjab and Sindh, and the pest situation was also below the economic threshold level.
Economic managers of the country have decided to frame a national sugar policy to secure the cotton belt, which is under threat from the growing number of sugar mills and cultivation of sugarcane in such zones.
Being in the heart of the cotton belt and having an opportunity to reach out to growers with a story of renewed faith has been a tremendously uplifting experience for the agency," says Mike Butler, Sr.
But the board in the past year has focused more on building the two rail projects - the Cotton Belt line in the northern suburbs and a second downtown Dallas light-rail route that has been dubbed D2.
Like congregations in many other small towns with declining Jewish populations, Anshe Emeth was finally closing its doors in the once-thriving Cotton Belt city.
3% 10 Pine Bluff Cotton Belt Federal Credit Union $66,465,811 703 River Pines Blvd.