Cotton State

1.Alabama; - a nickname.
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com)-- Birmingham, Alabama - Since 2008 the Cotton State has seen its share of manufacturing jobs leave the area to businesses overseas, so it's no surprise local manufacturers are showing an interest in a commercial revolution started by the American Machine Shops Network at http://MFGpartners.
Most people don't think of Kansas as a cotton state, but for a growing number of farmers there, the crop that most people associate with the South (or California's southern Central Valley) has become a promising new source of revenue on the plains.
com)-- More companies, engineers, military and government agencies across the Cotton State are recommending and utilizing the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN) than ever before, according to the company at http://mfgpartners.
com)-- The cotton state has a thriving manufacturing community that has suffered tremendously over the last decade or so due to foreign competition and the weak economy in general, said Steven Reese, spokesman for MFGmatch.
net, the company says its committed to doing something about Alabama's 9% unemployment rate by boosting the state's manufacturing sector with emphasis on machine/job shops, precision metal fabricators, foundries, contract manufacturers and other companies in the Cotton State specializing in CNC manufacturing, metal fabrication services, customized machined parts and components.
The authors of "Picking Cotton: Ordinary Business Records Doctrine as Applied to Insurer's Privilege Claims" (May 2013) advocate the holding in Cotton States Mut.
In 2005, Country Financial formed an alliance with Cotton States Insurance Group of Atlanta, operating in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.
The commercial leadership team includes: Kevin Eblen, D&PL Business Lead; Randy Dismuke, Business Strategy Lead; Jim Willeke, D&PL Sis and Mktg Transition Lead; Dave Rhylander, Mkg Lead; Keylon Gholston, Cotton Prod Mgr; Allison Moskal, Cotton States Lead; Dwayne Goldmon, Prod Dev Mktg Mgr; Phoong Tang, Integration and Transition Lead; Dave Albers, Cotton Germplasm Technology Dev Mgr; Kenny Avery, D&PL East Regl Bus Dir; Ken Ferreira, D&PL East Regl Technology Dev Mgr; Barry Knight, D&PL West Regl Bus Dir; and Kent Croon, D&PL West Regl Technology Dev Mgr.
At the time, the local legend was that Atlanta was actually the first place in which admission was charged for a motion picture screening--supposedly at the Cotton States Exposition in September 1895.
When Washington delivered his legendary opening address at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia, in September 1895, he in essence accepted racial segregation.
Their report said the livestock, grain and cotton states of Arkansas, California, Iowa, Louisiana and Texas would benefit the most - US$455 million in additional sales a year.