Cotton press

a building and machinery in which cotton bales are compressed into smaller bulk for shipment; a press for baling cotton.

See also: Cotton

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Cute community coffee shop with Jittery Joes coffee (Local Roaster) Located in historic cotton warehouses, off Barber and Oneta Streets, between Oneta Street and Tracy Street, this well established Creative Arts complex of strong local anchors such as ATHICA, Athens Cotton Press, Athens Pole Dance Academy, Canopy Studio, Honeys Salon, Classic City Racquet Sports, Pink Goblin Tattoo, NeckLush, Cloth and Kind Interior design, Tree Room Loft Apts, Nuçis Space recording studio, Archive Framing, Athens 4Everyone, Truth and Roses Tattoo, Dominar Films, M3 Yoga, The Hatch, Frog Stomp Studio, Merry Maids, and over 100 businesses and creative/makers studios, offers plentiful free shared parking and future growth potential.
The rare cotton gin and cotton press set is one of a few antebellum animal-powered cotton devices in the world.
The cotton screwman, that "aristocrat of the levee," had become no more than a figure in oldtimers' memories, pushed from the picture by the advent of larger ships and the high-density cotton press.