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n.1.(Anat.) A cuplike cavity or organ. Same as Acetabulum.
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Small sized bird distinguishable from other cimolopterygids by the following combination of features: 1) an extended and large procoracoid process; 2) humeral articular surface sub-rectangular in contour; 3) scapular cotyla transversely elongate with respect to the long axis of the coracoid.
The scapular cotyla is transversely elongate with respect to the anteroposterior axis of the coracoid.
supracoracoidei is ojival in contour and is very distally located with respect to the scapular cotyla.
We refer these specimens to the extinct tadornine genus Anabernicula rather than to Anas because of these characters: coracoid - Sulcus musculo supracoracoidei deep, Cotyla scapularis deep, Processus procoracoideus rugose in dorsal aspect with subparallel lineations, Facies articularis sternalis deep and distinct in dorsal aspect; tibiotarsus - Condylus medialis narrow; in distal aspect, intercondylar region relatively shallow.