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 (ko͞o-ā′, kwā), Émile 1857-1926.
French doctor who popularized a system of psychotherapy based on autosuggestion.


(French kue)
(Biography) Émile (emil). 1857–1926, French psychologist and pharmacist: advocated psychotherapy by autosuggestion
Couéism n
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Noun1.Coue - French psychotherapist who claimed that if one imagined one was getting better, one would get better (1857-1926)
clinical psychologist, psychotherapist - a therapist who deals with mental and emotional disorders
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L'annee 2017 a fini sur une note inquietante pour l'avenir du pays, il faut bien le reconnaitre, quelle que soit notre propension pour la methode Coue et le besoin imperieux d'entretenir une lueur d'optimisme pour pouvoir continuer a avancer.
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Of coue, with the launch of the bank, they will have savings account with us too.
In this theme issue of the journal, we present Lindsay Yeates' series of articles on Frenchman Emile Coue, and his life, theory and method.
The 19th-century French pharmacist-turned-healer Emile Coue discovered that if he praised or said a good word about a medicine he gave his patients, it became more effective than if he did not say anything.
Another showed a coue in Victorian-style athing suits saying: "Having a good time at orthcawl.
Although it is not known whether the reference was to the tail of an army or an animal, it is certain that the Old French word cuart or coart, the source of our word coward, comes from coe or coue, meaning "tail.
Charles Coue said he and his wife felt the heat as they sprinted from their home after an explosion went off a couple of hundred yards (meters) away.
Methode Coue ou optimisme de circonstance, toujours est-il que Florentino Perez n'envisage pas un depart de Cristiano Ronaldo la saison prochaine.
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Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion (vi), Emile Coue (1857-1926) described a technique called Autosuggestion.
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