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n.1.One who coughs.
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In the dock with the Ingrams is alleged cougher Tecwen Whittock, 53, pictured, who lives at Whitchurch, Cardiff, and is head of business studies at Pontypridd College.
The scrutiny report adds: "The microphones and cameras would be sited along the passageway from the aircraft to the gate, along which passengers go relatively slowly and no more than two abreast, which should make it easy to identify a cougher and their companions, and intervene to divert them into a place where they can be isolated and receive medical diagnosis, advice and treatment.
When it comes to maintaining the mean machine, I am about as useful as a cougher at a concert.
The nurse rolled her eyes, dropped his hand, and went to check on the cougher in the next bed.
National radio advertising and the Internet were among the vehicles used to alert consumers as to the location of the mystery cougher, and the first person to offer the mystery individual a Ricola cough drop had the chance to win as much as $1 million.
Whittock's son, 20-year-old student Rhys, has designed a website called The Official Site of The Cougher to sell his father as a speaker, a writer, and even to market his name.
Business studies lecturer Tecwen Whittock, who is accused of being the cougher, was just an acquaintance who was looking for tips to help him get on the hit show, she claimed.
On a recent visit to a hospital emergency room, I saw two stab wounds surrounding a hacking cougher.
Did you know that the Federal Aviation Administration does not regulate the cleaning of airplanes, or that the microscopic spray from an infected cougher can be propelled as far as 25 feet?
Cougher, senior vice president and chief operating officer at the Kellogg operations, said "that's one bell we'd all like to unring, if we could.
Unfortunately Attawapiskat doesn't know how to use the phone or the subway and I'm ashamed to say, I miss the little cougher of hairballs.
For those who survive such mishaps, a chronic cougher in the first row of Carnegie Hall will no doubt be a breeze.