Coulter pine

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Coulter pine
Pinus coulteri

Coul·ter pine

A pine tree (Pinus coulteri) native to California and Baja California, having needles in bundles of three and bearing large, heavy, sharp-scaled cones.

[After Thomas Coulter (1793-1843), Irish botanist.]
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There will be a record of the Coulter pine shifting up Mount Hamilton," Howe says.
A little farther on (26 1/2 miles from Castaic) are the ruins of Sandberg's Summit Hotel, now overgrown by sage, Coulter pine, valley oaks and incense cedars.
Native seedlings of coulter pine, white fir, and bigcone Douglas-fir are being handed out to private landowners who have lost trees either from the 2003 wildfires or bark beetle infestation.
Follow the juncture's sign to Strawberry Potrero (not the marker to Colby Ranch) and march southwest into Strawberry Meadow, which, according to Robinson, is a series of three small meadows that have highlights - bundles of grasses, scrub oak, manzanita, snow brush, mountain mahogany and a forest of widely spaced live oak, big-cone spruce and Jeffrey and Coulter pine, along with acres of their respective acorns, needles and cones.
The average champion tree in California is 301 points, roughly equivalent to its national champion Coulter pine, which stands 141 feet tall and 4 feet thick in San Diego County.
Joined by the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District and other partners, we're planting 25,000 Jeffrey, sugar, ponderosa and Coulter pines across more than 500 acres.
Assuming no significant protests are filed by the end of the month, crews will plant hundreds of native Coulter pines and big cone Douglas firs this spring across 110 acres of the northern Angeles National Forest to discourage heavy fire-prone brush from growing and to improve the forest's biodiversity