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A trademark for the sodium form of the anticoagulant warfarin.
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Noun1.Coumadin - an anticoagulant (trade name Coumadin) use to prevent and treat a thrombus or embolus
anticoagulant, anticoagulant medication, decoagulant - medicine that prevents or retards the clotting of blood
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Not to take a dose of dose da varfarina: dose of warfarin: Coumadin a) Nao tem efeito a) Has no effect.
Based on IMS Data, the company believes that these two tablets address essentially all of the currently available 9 Coumadin doses.
Background Patient states he takes Coumadin 5mg every evening.
Judy began visiting ACSCs Coumadin Clinic regularly.
He placed her on Coumadin to lessen the chance of formation of a blood clot.
The recalled product is one lot of 1,000-count bottles of Coumadin Crystalline 5-mg tablets, with the lot number in the United States of 9H49374A and an expiration date of Sept.
Vitamin K promotes clotting, and Coumadin is prescribed to keep the blood thin by preventing clotting.
Heterotopic ossification is less after THA in patients who receive aspirin compared to Coumadin.
Se observa en la practica clinica que los pacientes manejados con warfarina generica presentan una mayor incidencia de complicaciones clinicas y dificultades en el manejo de los valores INR (International Normalized Ratio) estandarizados para cada enfermedad, a diferencia de aquellos pacientes que han sido anticoagulados con Coumadin.
People who take Coumadin because of atrial fibrillation include active and otherwise healthy people, as well as elderly people for whom the drug may be contraindicated," said Dr.
The ER doctors immediately suspected a DVT (blood clot) and I was told I would be put on intravenous heparin and gradually transferred to coumadin.