housing benefit

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housing benefit

(Social Welfare) social welfare (in Britain) a payment made by a local authority in the form of a rent rebate to a council tenant or a rent allowance to a private tenant
مُخَصَّصات ماليّه للسَّكَن
státní podpora na ubytování
szociálpolitikai támogatás
príspevok na bývanie
ev kredisi


(haus) plural houses (ˈhauziz) noun
1. a building in which people, especially a single family, live. Houses have been built on the outskirts of the town for the workers in the new industrial estate.
2. a place or building used for a particular purpose. a hen-house; a public house.
3. a theatre, or the audience in a theatre. There was a full house for the first night of the play.
4. a family, usually important or noble, including its ancestors and descendants. the house of David.
(hauz) verb
1. to provide with a house, accommodation or shelter. All these people will have to be housed; The animals are housed in the barn.
2. to store or keep somewhere. The electric generator is housed in the garage.
ˈhousing (-ziŋ) noun
1. houses. These flats will provide housing for the immigrants.
2. the hard cover round a machine etc.
ˈhousing benefit noun
a payment given by a government to people who are entitled to it according to certain criteria (eg poverty) when they buy or rent a house, an apartment etc.
house agent (American ˈreal-estate agent)
a person who arranges the sale or letting of houses.
house arrest
a type of arrest in which a person is not allowed to leave his own house. He was kept under house arrest.
ˈhouseboat noun
a type of boat, usually with a flat bottom, which is built to be lived in.
ˈhousebreaker noun
a person who breaks into a house in order to steal.
ˈhousebreaking noun
ˈhouse-fly noun
the common fly, found throughout the world.
ˈhousehold noun
the people who live together in a house, including their servants. How many people are there in this household?
ˈhouseholder noun
the person who owns a house or pays the rent for it.
household word
something which is well-known to everyone. His name is a household word throughout the country.
ˈhousekeeper noun
a person, usually a woman, who is paid to look after the management of a house.
ˈhousekeeping noun
the management of a house.
ˈhouseman noun
a recently qualified doctor who is living in a hospital while working there to complete his training.
ˈhousetrain verb
to train (a dog, cat etc) to be clean inside the house.
ˈhouse-warming noun
a party given after moving into a new house.
a house-warming party.
ˈhousewife nounplural ˈhousewives
a woman who looks after her house, her husband and her family, and who usually does not have a job outside the home.
ˈhousework noun
the work of keeping a house clean and tidy. My mother has a woman to help her with the housework.
like a house on fire
1. very well. The two children got on with each other like a house on fire.
2. very quickly. I'm getting through this job like a house on fire.
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Alexander Salem narrowly avoided a prison sentence after admitting five counts of benefit fraud relating to false claims for jobseeker's allowance, council tax benefit and housing benefit.
Alexander Salem narrowly avoided a jail sentence after admitting five counts of benefit fraud relating to false claims for Jobseeker's Allowance, council tax benefit and housing benefit.
In 2013, the Welsh Government developed new arrangements to assist vulnerable households in meeting their Council Tax liability, after the UK Government abolished Council Tax Benefit and cut funding for replacement schemes.
In the Government's 2010 spending review it was announced that council tax benefit would be localised and the associated level of funding to local authorities would be reduced by 10% - equal to PS2.
Until recently, almost 6,000 of these people would have received full Council Tax benefit but now under Government cuts, they have to find 15% of the tax themselves.
Until today there were 42,729 households in Kirklees receiving financial support through the Council Tax Benefit scheme - 17,681 of pension age and 25,048 working age.
Only pensioners, disabled claimants and families with children aged under six will be about to claim full council tax benefit.
Council Tax Benefit will be replaced by a new scheme called Council Tax Support from April next year.
It follows the Government's announcement that it is cutting funding for council tax benefit in the city by PS10.
Council tax benefit is a means-tested benefit which helps low-income households with the cost of council tax payments - with funding paid by the government.
Michelle Batey, 35, of Kingston Road, Gateshead, claimed housing benefit and council tax benefit totalling pounds 10,193.

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