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n.1.One who belongs to a council; one who gives an opinion.
I will in three months be an expert counsilist.
- Milton.
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Of course, the Bolsheviks, Lenin and his closest comrades, used the unorthodox energy of these various councilist movements, the Russian Soviets, and so on, to construct communist parties and red trade unions, and this battle for the control of syndicalism and council communism lasted through to the early 1920s.
For West the real thing was the Councilist Marxism of Rosa Luxemburg, Anton Pannekoek, and Karl Korsch, which he viewed as analogous to liberation theology.
I replied that West's radical democratic vision was unattainable on Councilist terms, he was wrong to identify liberation theology with a single form of Marxism, and democratic socialism was not identical with welfare state social democracy.
To a considerable degree West moved in that direction without giving up his preferences for the Councilist revolutionaries of an earlier generation.
However, democratic unionism from below is not inconsistent with the conversion to a bioregional structure consisting of self-governing, socialized units of producers and consumers, and in a system of production for need, not profit rank-and-file unions might be able to provide the necessary councilist infrastructure necessary for decentralized decision-making and distribution, at least in the transitional period.
Wedding a diligent commitment to Democratic Socialism--one largely informed by a Councilist stream of Marxist ideology(3)--with a tempered optimism--one fueled by a contagious belief in what he terms a "Christian prophetic tradition"--West consistently utilizes his analysis to expose and critique modes of domination.
anarchist and councilist terminological confusion could have been
fostered by the councilist and Kropotkin's perception of history
anarchist and councilist critique of the Russian Revolution is neither
and councilist assessment of the Russian Revolution open up a political
Unlike latter-day councilists who use an (ignorant) account of anarchist ideas to denounce the CNT's decisions and activities, those in the 1930s saw that it was caught between a rock and a hard place.
Price directs his critique at Leninism and social democracy--currents also criticised extensively by councilists, left communists, autonomists, and others.
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