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 (bā′sē), William Known as "Count Basie." 1904-1984.
American musician. A pianist, band leader, and composer, he was a major force in jazz music and was especially famous for his big band sound.


(Biography) William, known as Count Basie. 1904–84, US jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer: associated particularly with the polished phrasing and style of big-band jazz


(ˈbeɪ si)

William ( “Count” ), 1904–84, U.S. jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer.
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Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie (reprint, 1985)
What instrument did Count Basie play while leading his orchestra?
This remarkable recording is noteworthy with the additions of a truly stunning ensemble of talent featuring: being backed by the great Count Basie Orchestra, Billy Preston on keyboards and a guest spot by Esther Phillips.
TERESA BREWER WITH COUNT BASIE /TERESA BREWER WITH DUKE ELLINGTON (AC A E) DURING the 1950s Teresa Brewer was one of the biggest stars in the world, with a series of top ten hits.
C is for Count Basie, the jazz pianist and songwriter.
Donors could choose their giving levels, from being part of "the rhythm section" all the way up through bandleaders Count Basie and Glenn Miller--a cute idea--and they could also choose the programs they wanted most to assist, from homelessness prevention to at-risk youth to seniors to veterans.
Q I managed to get the signatures of the Count Basie band members at Newcastle station in 1954 - on the back of a menu
The university's Big Band showcases the talented students with music by Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny and Gordon Goodwin.
Next Tuesday night, the Consortium Big Band will dig out the charts of Sammy Nestico, who is principally known for being one of the great arrangers for Count Basie.
Washington, July 27 (ANI): Frank Foster, the celebrated jazz saxophonist and composer best known for his association with the Count Basie Orchestra, has died.
Sinatra's Live At the Sands Concert is powered by a full band emulating the famous Count Basie Orchestra under the then musical direction of a young Quincy Jones.