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Nathan Douglas activates the 50-day championships countdown clock in Birmingham.
When Versaries' countdown website was accessed by IBTimes from New York, the countdown clock was set to May 21, 6 p.
Every time the famous Countdown clock started, one word sprung out from among the mix of vowels and consonants: B-O-R-I-N-G.
Glasgow's Lord Provost Alex Mosson teamed up yesterday with Scottish Claymores cheerleaders yesterday to help the plans for the World Bowl XI Countdown Clock.
Opening on a countdown clock that is sure to bring a smile to all its visitors, www.
A little urgency could be added to proceedings by introducing Richard Whiteley and the Countdown clock.
CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown has set the countdown clock ticking for the General Election with his announcement of a Budget on March 7.
3 is getting as the SEIKO-sponsored Countdown Clock was unveiled at today's lunchtime event.
The site features an interactive overview of the 1940 Census, including questions asked on the census form, history facts, blogs, a 1940 Census video, pictures and a countdown clock.
But as the countdown clock ticks away, there is still little evidence of any great interest north of the Border.
AS WE prepare to enter the last year of the millennium, The Mirror is offering 100 readers a free countdown clock.
In addition, "Drive-In Discs" features a variety of movie memories, including: "Popeye" and "Betty Boop" animated shorts; classic ads, including "Pic, the smoking bug repellent" and "Chilly Dilly" pickles; "Let's All Go To The Lobby" animated intermission clip; a 10-minute countdown clock, featuring the jump-roping ice cream bars and jumping hot dog; "Hello Young Lovers" promo ("Public Displays of Affection Will Not Be Tolerated" warning); "Keep Quiet During the Movie" warning; "Feed Your Family" short; "Tex Rides Again"/refreshment break short; Talking Hot Dog ad; National Anthem; and previews of upcoming films: "The Wasp Woman" and "The Giant Gila Monster" (Drive-In Discs Vol.