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As a consequence, and after their first experiences of battle, one finds a growing tendency on the part of the air-fleet admirals to evade joining battle, and to seek rather the moral advantage of a destructive counter attack.
Sunderland came here with a clear idea of being very difficult to break down and then try to hit us on the counter attack and I thought the way we coped with that was very impressive.
Maybe you can look and say the goalkeeper can rescue you, but the mistake is to allow that counter attack, a typical profile for a City attack.
The counter attack came after a new attempt by the ISIS to establish a full control over the city through launching an attack on the centers of the defense units from four axes while the battles continued on the eastern and southern axes of the city.
The sources further said that the security forces retaliated to attack and killed almost 11 militants in the counter attack.
They were outdone for possession but were committed in defence and quick on the counter attack against what looked an over confident home side.
Al Arabiya television reported that 14 people were killed in the east Libyan town of Marsa El Brega after reports of a counter attack from pro-Gaddafi forces.
Doncaster were quickly out of the blocks and took the lead, but they left themselves open to the counter attack and Huddersfield fired back when Craig Foster weaved his way to scored a cracking reverse stick shot.
The security forces launched a counter attack on militants, who were dozens in number and armed with heavy weapons, official sources said.
We defended excellently and played on the counter attack often with three, four or five players going forward.
The Real Madrid winger insists George Burley's troops will sit back and try to hit the Dutch on the counter attack in Amsterdam on Saturday.