Counter irritation

(Med.) the act or the result of applying a counter irritant.
- Macaulay.

See also: Counter

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Various methods have been described in literature for treatment of umbilical hernia including counter irritation, clamping, transfixation sutures and even safety pins and commercially available rubber bands.
European sales data by country for non-prescription and OTC Self-medication skincare including: Acne treatments, Antiseptics and Skin disinfectants, Topical antihistamines and Topical relief for Bites and Stings, Anti-fungal treatments, Anti-pruritics and Counter Irritation Skincare medication, Emollients and Skin protection and treatments for Itchy Dry Skin, Cold Sores, Topical Steroids, Wound Healing Products, and Corn, Wart and Verucca Removers

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