Counter revolution

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a revolution opposed to a former one, and restoring a former state of things.

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The counter revolution launched in the society led to the disappearance of Buddhism from this land.
Pledging to create a new country in sixty months the UNP-led United National Front for Good Governance yesterday unveiled its manifesto for the August 17 general election in Colombo, which it said would defeat the counter revolution against the Jan.
The revolutions generally follow the five steps: first it is pronounced sometimes with a visible leadership and many a times conversely the leadership emerges from the revolution; secondly immediately the class of society which is the target of revolution tries to launch a counter revolution usually with unpopular means; thirdly both the trajectories of revolution and counter revolution are formed fourthly;
He added that in Egypt, the counter revolution government was able to succeed because a large number of Egyptians were afraid that their country might slip into an endless violence similar to the Syrian and Libyan cases.
Today, we can see the counter revolution in Libya after the extremist currents flagrantly lost the parliamentary elections, and since their seven per cent does not form a majority, Islamists in Libya resorted to violence and spread chaos across the country," Dr Gargash said.
The second was a counter revolution in Bahrain and counter revolution was actually carried out by direct military intervention.
In addition, the counter revolution received another painful blow when the National Party was dismantled and when its properties were confiscated and returned to the state.
He evaluates the nature of the "personal rule" regimes of Sukarno and Soeharto, blaming the former for setting the stage for the mass murder of leftists and middle-class counter revolution that followed his fall through his fashioning on personal rule at the expense of constitutional democracy.
THIS week's good cause column goes to Aimara Reques to assist her independent film making efforts in relation to Venezuela and the US-supported counter revolution that is underway in her country.