n.1.The exact opposite.
The German prose offers the counterpole to the French style.
- De Quincey.
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If the interviewee does not offer a counterpole spontaneously, the interviewer may ask for one, using a question such as, "If this one is easy to use, how is this other one different?
This process requires values to be assigned to the construct and counterpole; in our study, the construct "easy to use" was assigned a value of 1 and the counterpole "difficult to use" was assigned a value of 5.
The aim is to solicit a different construct and counterpole.
First, each construct and its matching counterpole are printed onto a card, called the construct card.
Here, Being (Sein) is clearly understood not as the objective counterpole to subjectivity or to the theoretical dimension or anything of the sort, but instead as the comprehensive, primordial dimension.
China will act as a growth counterpole as its economy slows only modestly, from 9.
As the product to be coated is the counterpole to the loaded powder, a strong and even adhesion is said to be given.
In somewhat more concrete terms, this touching human warmth, the all-permeating sympathy, the precise and detailed depiction of all the violence, crime, and perfidy which, despite everything, never posits hatred as the unavoidable counterpole - that is what, it seems to me, shines forth from your early language.
Early on, Whittall speaks of "the evolution of twentieth-century music" in terms of "the aesthetic counterpoles of Apollo and Dionysus," and cites Schoenberg's and Stravinsky's recognition of the Nietzschean dictum that "'When the Dionysian element rules, ecstasy and inchoateness threaten; when the Appoline predominates, the tragic feeling recedes'" (p.