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(Fortifications) fortifications the outer side of the ditch of a fort. Compare escarp1


(ˈkaʊn tərˌskɑrp)

the outer slope or wall of the ditch of a fortification.
[1565–75; < Italian contrascarpa]
References in classic literature ?
When their comrades, restrained with great difficulty by D'Artagnan, saw them lodged upon the bastions, they rushed forward likewise; and soon a furious assault was made upon the counterscarp, upon which depended the safety of the place.
Then was heard a great noise of fagots being removed and of the groaning of posts; these were the counterscarps and bastions of Athos, which the besieged himself demolished.
1: Mowing grass and weeds in the roadway - I and III swath (shoulder + turbot + trench + counterscarp - 2 times a year).
The ditch of the earthwork enclosure was wholly or partly re-cut during Stage 3, perhaps providing the spoil for the counterscarp bank on the outside perimeter, as well as enhancing the main internal bank.
Amphitheatre menthomenthene freedom partway trammer expurgation ana redden facula counterscarp faecal.