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A region of southeast Scotland on the Firth of Forth surrounding Edinburgh. "The Heart of Midlothian" was a popular name for the former Tolbooth Prison in Edinburgh and was used by Sir Walter Scott as the title of his 1818 novel.


(Placename) a council area of SE central Scotland: the historical county of Midlothian (including Edinburgh) became part of Lothian region in 1975; separate unitary authorities were created for Midlothian and City of Edinburgh in 1996; mainly agricultural. Administrative centre: Dalkeith. Pop: 79 710 (2003 est). Area: 356 sq km (137 sq miles)


(mɪdˈloʊ ði ən)

a historic county in SE Scotland.
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not to tell he would trouble with and at no-one him " The judge remanded McCue, now of Dolphin Road, Currie, in the Scottish county of Midlothian, on bail